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Guaranteed Bathroom Sealing Solutions to stop leaks

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SealTech solutions, Delivering leaking shower repairs Sydney wide. Our reputation has established for effective waterproof and affordable shower sealing services.

Leaking showers can be repaired in a variety of ways. But it’s essential that the source of the leak is located to determine the correct repair method. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable shower repair company that specializes in leaking shower repairs. At SealTech Solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring your total satisfaction. From our customer service right through to our shower repair methods. Our affordable elite waterproof sealing solutions allows us to seal and stop leaks without removing tiles. This causes minimal disruption to your home and is easy on your budget.

Did you know that most leaking showers occur because of building movement and not plumbing issues? The movement causes the grout to weaken and crack. This, in turn, allows water to penetrate the membrane under your tiles. Prolonged water exposure deteriorates the membrane, causing your bathroom waterproofing to fail. Once this occurs water can travel to the nearby structural parts of your home. As we know structural repairs are both costly and timely to fix. We can stop your shower leak without the need to remove tiles. We offer the complete sealing services for leaking shower repairs Sydney wide.

The Complete Bathroom Sealing Services Sydney

Shower leaks in your bathroom can occur in a variety of places. That’s why we have different sealing solutions catered for your bathroom. All our work is guaranteed and backed by warranties as per NSW fair trading.
At SealTech Solutions, we not only fix leaking showers. In addition, we also have a bathroom rejuvenation service. Bathroom looking a little worn try our tile re-grouting service. Gives your bathroom a refresh without the expense of a renovation.
Sydney Shower Base Sealing services


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Full Shower Sealing services Sydney

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Sydney Bath Perimeter Seal

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Shower over Bath Seal service

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Why it’s important for a precise diagnosis for Leaking Shower repairs

Leak Detection

A shower leak can be caused by many reasons which are why the diagnosis is critical. A shower leakage diagnosis should always be conducted by an experienced and licensed tradesman, not a salesperson. Our technicians have the skills, equipment, and knowledge. With the use of our thermal imaging camera, we can detect damp areas behind walls without destroying your tiles. Throughout the entire assessment, you will receive an explanation and be able to discuss all findings.  Knowledge allows you to make an informed decision on your shower repair. So feel free to ask as many questions as you need. 

When choosing a shower repair company, ensure you have the confidence and trust in the person performing your assessment. At SealTech Solutions, We still believe in “Good Old Fashioned Service” and shower repairs and shower sealing solutions that last. Our team will be with you every step of the way from the time of the first call and well and truly after the service. We are insured and licensed and guarantee you 100% satisfaction with our work and service.

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Hidden Causes Of  Leaking Showers

Why Is my Shower Leaking?

Contrary to belief most shower leakage problems aren’t because of plumbing issues but through building movement. This movement occurs naturally over time as your home settles to its foundations. Over time the silicone and grout will become weak and crack. Especially between the floor and wall junctions within the shower.

Water can now penetrate under the tiles and lay between the tile and waterproof membrane. Leftover an extended period of time the trapped water undermines the stability of the waterproof membrane. When waterproofing membranes fail water can seep into the nearby structural components.

Early treatment means that leaking showers can be sealed without the need to remove tiles. Interested in learning more read our blog on “What causes a shower leak“.

Warning Signs of a Shower Leak

Beware Of The following Signs. Your shower may have a Leak

Shower leaks never happen instantaneously. Unless of course, you have a broken pipe. These are the signs you should watch for if you suspect that you may have a shower leak. As always shower repairs should be carried out sooner rather than later. Before the water saturation travels to nearby structural parts. For quality repairs always choose a reputable shower repair company.

Musty Smell

When a musty smell is coming from the bathroom that no amount of air freshener can get rid of. You can be certain that you have a moisture problem in your bathroom. In most cases from a leaking shower.

Cracked Grout & Silicone

Cracked, deteriorated and missing grout. Grout & silicone in your shower act as barriers to your waterproofing membrane. Once they fail it allows moisture to be absorbed under the tiles.

Mould or Mildew

Shower walls and the shower floor are showing signs of discoloured grout or a buildup of mould. No amount of bleach or scrubbing will completely get rid off.

Cracked or Loose Tiles

Cracked tiles allow water to penetrate under the tile.  Leftover time the moisture can cause the tile to become loose or hollow sounding. These should be repaired asap. Leftover long periods can lead to further problems.

Wet Flooring or Rotted Timber Doorway

When the surrounding areas near your shower are showing the following signs. Wet carpet, rotted timber on bathroom entrance, peeling paint. You can be sure that you have a leak in your shower that should be fixed immediately.

Your Home Deserves The Best!, Sealtech Solutions

At SealTech Solutions, we treat your home like you treat your home. Our experienced and knowledgeable trades will arrive on the scheduled date and time. Most importantly ensure quality workmanship on your shower repairs. Jobs have done right the first time, for your peace of mind.
We provide complete shower sealing solutions for your leaking shower repairs Sydney. In addition to our affordable Bathroom sealing services we also provide sealing services for the outdoors. Including leaking balcony repairs, tile regrouting and epoxy grouting.
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Tile Re-Grout Service

Tile Regrouting improves the appearance of your tiled area at a fraction of the cost Re-tiling or renovating.
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Epoxy Grout Service

Epoxy grout is the best choice for all your wet areas such as Bathrooms, Showers, Laundries, Kitchens, Balconies, Patios and Pool Surrounds.

Unlike the cement grout, Epoxy Grout is an extremely durable product that is non-porous, flexible and practically stain-proof. The other great advantage of Epoxy Grout is that it doesn’t need to be sealed as it is non-porous.

SealTech Solutions completed Quality Re-sealing Services

Before & After shots of sealtech solutions leaking showers bases repaired with our epoxy grouting system. There is no need to remove tiles to repair & waterproof your Leaking showers.  Don’t hesitate to call us for all your shower repair requirements in Sydney.


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